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In the context of human existence since the end of the last ice age 11,000 years ago, perhaps the most impressive thing about Maya Alexandri is that she still has all her teeth.
Even her work — for a not insignificant period of time — in the legal profession has not provoked a disastrous punch in the jaw.

Nor has imbibing the acidic smog of Beijing, a city she called “home” for the better part of a decade, caused tooth loss. Attribute this blessing to the fact that she is not a mouth breather. Don’t ask about her sinuses.

Maya worried that she cracked a tooth in Botswana, once, when she bit into an insufficiently ripe guava. But she didn’t.

Maya fell asleep one night in Louisiana and dreamed that Death came to her and put his boney finger in her mouth, and she bit it off, whereupon she awoke with a ghastly “crunch” resounding in her ears, and ran to the bathroom fearing broken teeth. But it was just a dream.

Maya fell off the stage during a gig in Beijing, while performing a cover of the Jet song, “Are you gonna be my girl?,” and she bruised her lower back. No teeth were injured in the fiasco.

Maya’s current projects include flossing, seeing reality as it is and accepting it, and appreciating how lucky she is in the context of human existence since the end of the last ice age 11,000 years ago.

Short Stories

Short Stories

Maya Alexandri - short stories
Maya really prefers to carry on at a length of 60,000 words or more, but she can’t always get what she wants any more than anyone else. Here she is at 5,000 words or less (mostly less and the better for it!):

“Champions of Pleasure,” The Stockholm Review of Literature (Issue 15, Nov. 2016)
“Orfea wrestles Death,” Fabula Argentea (Issue 18, Jan. 2017)
“Caravan” and “The Full Circle,” The Light Ekphrastic (Issue 29, Feb. 2017)
“Getting Therapy in Beijing Is a Production,” Adelaide (Year II, No. 6, Mar. 2017)
“Come Cautiously,” Boston Accent Lit (Issue 7, Feb. 2017)
“… Mad, or Well Advised?…,” Cacti Fur (Mar. 13, 2017)
“The Body and the Virus,” Gone Lawn (Issue 24, Apr. 2017)
Video: Maya performs “The Body and the Virus” at Amplified Cactus v
“The Sudd,” Thrice (Issue 19, Apr. 2017)
Video: Maya performs “The Sudd” at Amplified Cactus i
“Tourist in Hades,” Loud Zoo (Issue 9, Apr. 2017)
Video: Maya performs “Tourist in Hades” at Amplified Cactus ii
“Ghost Limbs,” forthcoming in The Mulberry Fork Review (Issue 7, TBA)

Other Writing

“The Muscle Memory of Landis Expands,” BmoreArt (Apr. 15, 2017)

IMG_8184     Maya Alexandri- short stories



Maya’s novel, The Celebration Husband, is out and about in the beautiful world. Be kind to the environment and buy it print-on-demand at Lulu . . . and then clear your reading decks for this head-turning, finger-snapping, mind-elevating, laughter-provoking, historically-inspired, action-adventure, anthropological-romance of a page turner! Aristocratic lady runs intelligence missions for the British irregular forces fighting the Germans in East Africa during World War I: sexy, elegant, dangerous, irresistible, adjective, adjective, adjective—you’ll love it!

Buy The Celebration Husband
Read this wonderful review of The Celebration Husband in Rabid Readers!

Special feature!!!! From the blog archives, Maya’s contemporaneous accounts of researching The Celebration Husband document her adventure behind the adventure story, presented here for the exclusive thrill and enjoyment of you, oh wise, discerning, cultured, brilliant, and selective reader:

Off-road, unmapped and out of her mind
An OBE for James Willson
“Pole pole”: the Tao of Mount Kilimanjaro
Safari metabolism
Getting bugged by the writer’s life
The East African Novel
A voice of her own
Denys Finch-Hatton, the not-great aristocrat
Ready for the shovel
Of wisdom and imperial ambivalence


Events, Media & Contact

Events, Media & Contact

The cactus is amplifying to its grand finale! On Thursday, 11 May, 8 p.m., at the temple of the patron saints of the arts, Spirits of Mount Vernon, on Read & N. Charles in Baltimore, Maya will perform her new short story, “Ann Noni Mini,” along with a line-up of artists of unmatched awesomeness, including painter Nathanael Absher, musician Jawn Beach, writer Nairobi Collins, poet Ed Doyle-Gillespie, visual artist Landis Expandis, visual artist Katie Feild, poet Rachel Harris, visual artist Sean Hennessey, dancer / choreographer Julia Krawcyzk, poet India Lamb, dancer / choreographer Jazmyn Morse, crankie artist Matt Muirhead, visual artist Sarah Magida, fiction writer Kate Petty, opera singer Aaron Thacker, clarinetist Jackson Willis, fiction writer Kate Wyer, and poet Stephen Zerance. The question of the night is, “If I love myself, does fame matter?”

What the hell, you may ask? Good question! Maya is one of the organizers of the Amplified Cactus literary + art series, a six-part event saga presenting music, visual art, dance, and literature created around questions inspired by the amplified cactus. For those of you untutored in the deeply, profoundly experimental music scene, an amplified cactus is a cactus with a microphone, a musical instrument (rub its needles, hear it sing) for which John Cage wrote music, and it’s a metaphor for all of us: needles and mics!

We are currently in our Spring Series, with the last coming up soon on Thursday, 11 May, all at Spirits of Mount Vernon, 8 p.m. No cover charge now or ever! Free and open to the public! All are welcome, and we mean ALL.

The questions raised in our Fall Series were: “Can I defend myself without hurting others?” (September); “Is brutality good for me?” (October); and “Can I thrive in a pathological environment?” (November). The Spring Series questions already covered were: “Why am I attracted to stimulation that destabilizes me?” (March); and “Can I be in balance with my ecosystem and not be lonely?” (April).

Thanks to all the magnificent artists and organizers whose time, dedication, generosity, and good cheer make all these events such a tremendous success!



Watch the fabulous Eileen MacDougall interview Maya on Eileen’s show Book Stew!

Plus, Maya in print! “AN EVENING WITH MAYA: Maya Alexandri – The Author of THE CELEBRATION HUSBAND,” interview in Adelaide literary magazine

More about Maya’s work: A terrific profile in BmoreArt of the Amplified Cactus interdisciplinary art series, of which Maya was one of the co-organizers!


For personal enquiries, Maya Alexandri can be reached at maya.alexandri @

For professional enquiries (excepting world rights for The Celebration Husband), please contact:

Madison Smartt Bell
Ayesha Pande Literary
128 West 132 Street
New York City, NY 10027

For world rights enquiries in connection with The Celebration Husband, please contact:

Wampe de Veer
Blackbird Literary Agency
Pieter de Hooghlaan 27
3741 RL Baarn, The Netherlands @